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Private Tutoring

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AQA Specialist

I am a specialist tutor in AQA A-level Psychology. This means I have read every past paper, mark scheme and textbook for AQA inside out. Therefore my tutoring is more efficient as I know the exact requirements for making sure students 'hit the mark scheme'. We can cover more ground in one hour due to my ability to condense the theory to the key requirements. 

Highly experienced

I am a fully qualified teacher with over 12 years experience in the classroom. I am currently Head of Psychology at a 'Top 10' school in the UK (Sunday Times Parent Power 2024). I also have an MSc Psychology with Distinction, an MBA and an LLB (Hons) Law degree. 

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All resources included

Every lesson students will go away with revision notes, PowerPoints or essay plans. I think it is important to help their learning. All of the resources in the shop are included for free with the tutoring. Students can request any resources even on topics we are not working on together. This makes sure they can also work independently outside of the tutoring sessions and fill in any gaps from their classroom notes. 

Contact me today.

I take enquiries all year round. If I am full I can add you to a reserve waiting list. 


Terms and Conditions

Digital Classroom

Each student will have their own personalised digital Google Classroom. The link for the live sessions is stored in here and I can store all of the work we do together and add extra resources in here to help students learning.  It is arranged by sub topic to help them keep organised. 

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Exam Pro

I subscribe to exam pro which is a digital database of all past paper questions filtered by topic. I use this to target specific needs of each students. I can also put questions and mark schemes into students digital classrooms to help them prepare for tests and to improve their exam technique. 

Fully online

All sessions are online which means I can tutor students in the comfort of their own home. I can also tutor students all over the UK and even worldwide. No time is wasted travelling to sessios and I can work collaboratively with student on shared digital documents. 


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The Cost

My one-to-one tutoring rates are inline with top quality tutoring at £100 per hour. I understand you can find cheaper tutoring services through 'Find a Tutor' sites, but I pride myself on offering in-depth expert advice and guidance and provide high quality resources that are tried and tested.

I understand that tutoring is a financial commitment and I can sometimes try to find slots which are every other week. This can help to reduce the costs, whilst still offering students high quality support. 

Terms and Conditions

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