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Psychology Unlocked: Bowlby’s Monotropic Theory - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Bowlby’s Critical Period - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Internal Working Models - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Stages of Attachment - click here

YouTube: Still face experiment - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Animal Attachment - click here

YouTube: Modern Attachment Theory - click here

Educational Scotland: Importance of the early years - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Do you need 2 parents? - click here

TLC Documentary: Wild Children: The Story of Feral Children - click here

Netflix: Babies

BBC: Babies: Their wonderful world

Documentary: The dark matter of love

TED Talk: How early experience is written into our DNA - click here

Psychology Unlocked: The Strange Situation - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Cultural variations in attachment - click here

Psychology Unlocked: A baby’s temperament - click here

David Eagleman: Why do I need you?

TED Talk: What do babies think? Gopnik - click here

Real Stories: From Romania with Love - click here

TED Talk: The Tragedies of Orphanages - click here

Crash Course: Monkeys and Morality - click here

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