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TED Talk: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime - click here

BBC: Britain’s Broken Families - click here

Netflix: Tell me who I am  - click here

Horizon: Are you born good or evil? (Bloom) - click here

TED Talk: Everything I believed about poverty was wrong - click here

TED Talk: How does income affect the developing brain? - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Three stages of prenatal development - click here

TED Talk: How the food you eat affects your brain - click here

TED Talk: How we read each other's minds - click here

University of California: Theory of Mind Lecture - click here

TED Talk: Autism, Sex and Science - click here

BBC: Child of our Time - Turning 20 

The Feed: Fa’afafine - click here

BBC: Girl toys v Boys toys: The Experiment - click here

BBC: The boy who was turned into a girl - click here

TED Talk: The mysterious working of the teenage brain - click here

Crash Course: Adolescence - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Should teenagers work? - click here

Office for Victims of Crimes: Through our eyes - click here

Crash Course: Trauma and addiction - click here

Trauma and the brain - click here

TED Talk: What trauma taught me about resilience - click here

Crash Course: The Growth of Knowledge - click here

YouTube: Piaget’s Stages of Development - click here

YouTube: Violation of Expectation - click here

TED Talk: The surprisingly logical minds of babies - click here

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