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Psychology Unlocked: Normative and informational social influence - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Minority Influence - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Groups and conformity - click here

TED Talk: The Psychology of Evil - Zimbardo - click here

YouTube: Milgram Experiment - click here

YouTube: Asch Experiment - click here

Guardian News: Racism on Paris Subway - click here

BBC News: London Riots - click here

WYFFT: Elevator experiment - click here

YouTube: Stanford Prison Experiment Documentary - click here

Film: The Experimenter - click here

Crash Course: Social thinking - click here

Crash CourseSocial influence - click here

Crash CoursePrejudice and discrimination - click here

Crash CourseAggression and altruism - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Stanford Prison Experiment - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Milgram’s experiment - click here

Psychology Unlocked: Explaining Milgram’s experiment - click here

Netflix: The Witness - Kitty Genevese - click here

TED Talk: The Bystander Effect is complicated - click here

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